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At Auto Engine Tune, located in Swindon, we offer ECU remapping services that not only enhance the power and torque of your car’s engine but also improve the throttle response and expand the power range. By doing so, we ensure a smoother power delivery, resulting in a more exhilarating driving experience and a more adaptable engine.

It’s worth noting that manufacturers often restrict the power output of vehicles to cater to fleet buyers, but as a passionate driver, you shouldn’t have to settle for such limitations on your vehicle’s ECU and performance. Our ECU remapping service unlocks the hidden power and torque within your engine management system, giving you the freedom to truly enjoy your driving experience.

Another significant advantage of our remapping service is the reduction in fuel consumption. With the additional torque, particularly at lower rev ranges, you’ll notice a fuel-saving benefit as it requires less throttle input to maintain motorway speeds. You’ll be able to drive at a slower speed in a higher gear, which proves beneficial when carrying a full load, towing, tackling gradients, and even in start-stop traffic situations.

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